Wellington 2D3D

The Urban Research Lab: Edible Cities focuses on the complex relationship between food, cities, and urban design, with a particular emphasis on how urban design can contribute to the development of a more sustainable urban food system. The Lab aligns with the recent Wellington City Council ‘Towards 2040: Smart Capital’ strategy that sets out a vision for a more socially connected and innovative eco-city. Working with WCC and local communities we use the city as a living laboratory in which to test out more sustainable or resilient urban design strategies.

This  project aims to visualize a range of urban agriculture design strategies that include rooftop gardens, floating gardens, vertical gardens, mobile or pop-up gardens and micro-farms. These proposals are visualized as a set of 2D photo-realistic perspectives and also manifested within a 3D digital environment that allows the user to navigate the revisioned city. The design strategies visualized here will be contextualized in the stage two Edible Cities Working Paper.

lead designer/concept design: Amanda Yates

designers: Antony Pelosi, Oliver Blair