City Pop-Up Garden

The Urban Research Lab: Edible Cities focuses on the complex relationship between food, cities, and urban design, with a particular emphasis on how urban design can contribute to the development of a more sustainable urban food system. The Lab aligns with the recent Wellington City Council ‘Towards 2040: Smart Capital’ strategy that sets out a vision for a more socially connected and innovative eco-city. Working with WCC and local communities we use the city as a living laboratory in which to test out more sustainable or resilient urban design strategies.

The Pick Ur Own pop-up garden was situated in Wellington’s Civic Square for a summer season in 2012. The garden, comprised of 6 large planters, was installed complete with fruiting peas, purple beans and heirloom tomatoes, and with ready to eat salad greens, herbs, rainbow chard, strawberries and nasturtiums. Passers-by picked peas and beans, while local office workers selected salad greens to supplement their lunches. Gardening workshops, as part of the larger event of the installation, were held on site. The Wellington City Council Research team interviewed people about their responses to the gardens and to the idea of a greener city and more resilient food-system. 93% of the respondents agreed that more food should be grown locally in cities. This installation tested out one of the range of urban agriculture design strategies that were envisioned in the 2D3D Visualising Edible Wellington project.

This Way Up interview with Amanda Yates

Project leader: Amanda Yates

Team (Alphabetical order):

Oliver Blair, Angus Donaldson, Margarita Ianev, Sophie Norris, Sandy Pawson, Uli Thie, Ania Upstill