Edible Couch

The Edible Couch, Pop-up Gig fosters the social dialogue, which manifests during communal events to encourage discussion on urban agriculture and food security.

Musical events invade parking lots throughout the city, raising awareness of the potential of these sites as activated social gathering spaces. These sitting units look at the sensory experience of being in the urban landscape while experiencing the textures, tastes and smells of fruit, vegetables and herbs.


The edible couch provides a modular system that allows for a responsive spatial intervention that is sensitive to the event and public and can be tailored to these. They take inspiration from nostalgic old couches that are prevalent in numerous musical venues and have a relaxed backyard connotations associated with them. The different modules allow for the growth of a variety of different herbs and plats, some shallow and some that require deeper soil. As seating units they provide a place to experience outdoor local performances that speak strongly to the temporal. The site for these performance is changing, with the consideration for sunlight for the plants. With considered placement these units can be used to define a street edge, provide intimate spaces and engage the passing public.

Designer: Margarita Ianev

Studio: 224.401 Studio V ”keeping it local” 2012

Coordinator/Lecturer: Amanda Yates
Tutor: Ant Pelosi

Design critics: Averill Clarke (WCC Council)
Invited speakers: Averill Clarke (WCC Council)