Rongotai Community Orchards

Jewel-like glasshouses and edible landscaping revive a strip of under-utilised suburbia.

Studio: Urban Research Lab: Edible Cities / suburban foodscapes

Studio leader: Amanda Yates
Design critics (WCC Council): Sophie Burtt, Averill Clarke, Sherilyn Hinton.
Invited speakers: Allanah Ryan (MU), Anna Harley (WCC)

The Rongotai Community Orchard (RCO) transforms an easement in Kilbirnie through the introduction of 3 different landscape typologies: polygonal, faceted glasshouses that shelter tropical fruits, native site specific plantings and a glasshouse/landscape hybrid. The edible landscape transects the suburb of Kilbirnie and then runs down to the sea, forming a planted walking or cycling link between town and beach.


Oliver Blair
Thorley Robbins
Jasmine Song
Victoria Wang