TierScape is a conceptual design which is made of 3 separate pieces
which can be placed in different configurations. TierScape is made of
plastic wicker woven over thin steel frames. The lightness of the construc-
tion allows for ease of transportation and placement. TierScape can be
assembled as a unit comprising of large planter, mid planter and bench
seat or any of these as separate pieces. The large planter is designed for
shrubs, small trees and fruit and vegetable plants, while the mid planter
can hold herbs and ferns.

Designer: Emma Williams

Studio: 224.401 Studio V “keeping it local” 2012

Coordinator/Lecturer: Amanda Yates
Tutor: Ant Pelosi

Design critics: Averill Clarke (WCC Council)
Invited speakers: Averill Clarke (WCC Council)