Transpark is a temporary portable park, which can me moved and set up within city centers. It consists of different seating components, as well as long communal table with large planter boxes at each end and two shallower planters in the middle. The seating is based on the traditional park bench seat and has been transformed into four different components, which can be moved and placed along side each other.


These can be placed within vacant lots in different arrangements to suit weather condition and site environments. Built into the seating are planter boxes with vegetables such as lettuce and tomato vines, the seating can be arranged so the vegetable gardens are protected from environmental elements.

Designer: Arabella Gregory

Studio: 224.401 Studio V “keeping it local” 2012

Coordinator/Lecturer: Amanda Yates
Tutor: Ant Pelosi

Design critics: Averill Clarke (WCC Council)
Invited speakers: Averill Clarke (WCC Council)