Walking City

This project is looking into the future of the Wellington City Centre and how to connect it back to the water front and create city spaces that are designated for the people of Wellington and its visitors.


As a walking centered city many of the internal roads have been paved over to create walking spaces and parks. These walking spaces still have the ability to be driven on by rubbish trucks, ambulances and delivery trucks for cafes however no public driving access would be allowed. This absence of roads has allowed us to re-introduce an abundance of green spaces back into the city.

The train system has been extended to go into the city underground and continues out to new town and on towards the air port connecting major parts of the city through simple public transport.

Because of the walking city, access around the city has been made easier by a tram system that is in and around the central city, opening up the city on bad weather days.

Designers: Andrew Wilkie, Laura Murray, Anna Hunt, Tori Gibbs, Olivia Cleave

Studio: 224.401 Studio V “DESIGN/CITY/FUTURE 2038” 2013

Studio Leaders: Amanda Yates & Antony Pelosi

Design critics: Averill Clarke (WCC Council)
Invited speakers: Averill Clarke (WCC Council)